The Story of Inventions - Making Steel

The Story of Inventions details several inventions from the 1700's to the present which drastically changed the way we live today. The Bessemer Process was a revolutionary way to change pig iron made from iron ore into steel. The book gives plenty of information on the inventors that were responsible for each invention. In many cases the inventors lived difficult lives and received little to no benefit from their hard work.

After reading about the Bessemer Process we watched this video of a modern day steel mill in action.

The Volklingen Steel Factory is on the list of world heritage sights and was the perfect field trip to go with the Story of Inventions.

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  1. That book sounds good - I've bookmarked it. I didn't know about the Bessemer/steel connection. There is a Bessemer Road (and Bessemer Road Market) in Cardiff where I grew up - I'd never realised why it was so named. I haven't been able to find the connection, but given the prevalence of the steel industry in South Wales I'm sure there is one.


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