The Story of Inventions - Gutenberg Printing Press

The book The Story of Inventions is about several inventions which changed the way we live today. The Gutenberg printing press is just one of the inventions. 
While reading the chapter on the printing press we watched two videos to help us better understand how a printing press works.



The Gutenberg Bible was the first book produced on the printing press. It was printed with two columns per page and space was left for illustrations and for fancy lettering. The book was printed in Latin and some bibles were never even decorated. The printing press lowered the price of books so dramatically that common people could afford the luxury once only available to the rich.

The Story of Inventions provides an excellent description of the process of inventing the press and how it changed the world. The book Breaking into Print by Stephen Krensky is the perfect companion. It explains the history of printing beginning with the Chinese through Gutenberg's revolutionary printing press. It is written in story format with illustrations and a timeline.

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