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Last year for science we did an extensive cell and the human body study. In fact, I still have human body posts that will last until January. In the mean time I've been planning for this year's science study. Earth Science!

I'm so excited for this topic. All summer I have been gathering resources and putting together an outline of topics. Between rocks and minerals, earth layers, erosion, climates, magnetic field, volcanoes and tectonic plates there is so much to cover. I have tons of videos bookmarked and have been browsing library books. Here's a small preview of some of the activities I plan to do.

Last week bloggers shared their plans for math and the week before it was writing. There are many more subjects coming up and I'd love to see how you teach them. Here's the Schedule.

What are your plans for science?

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  1. I love earth sciences! My son is in a private school during the school year, but in the summer I do a special 'Science Summer Camp' with him. Our topic: Plate Techtonics! We've had a great time, partly because I love the subject too: Here's my pinboard on geology: http://pinterest.com/kristijoyful/theme-geology/

    I also used a few u-tube videos (to show plate movements. Cool! And a great Bill Nye "Great Discoveries DVD". http://store.discoveryeducation.com/product/show/48466 His video could provide a nice framework for a variety of subjects. I would also recommend this book: http://www.amazon.com/How-Earth-Works-Activities-Earthquakes/dp/1556524420/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1374764661&sr=8-2&keywords=how+the+earth+works

    Have fun!

    1. Kristi,

      Thanks for all the resources. The book looks really good and I added it to my Amazon cart for my next order. We've watched a few Bill Nye videos so we will have to check that out too.


  2. Hi Julie,

    I am loving that microscope! What brand / design is it? I'll need to upgrade our "kids" one in the next year or two so am on the look out for something decent.

    Cheers, Lisa

    1. Lisa,

      I got it on Amazon.

      AmScope 40X-2000X Biological Compound Microscope with Mechanical Stage
      Sold by iScope Corp (AmScope)

      It was $195 last year. I like it, but honestly haven't used it much. Once Jemma got sick I got scared about looking at small living things under a microscope since we had to be so careful about germs. Now she's doing well again, so I feel better about microscope work, but have plans for Earth Science.

      Anyway, we like it and I'm sure we will use it in the near future.


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