Building 3D Math and Engineering Skills

Imagability Wedgits and Design Cards teach and withstand the test of time. We received this toy as a gift eight years ago and the kids are still playing with it.

Wedgits are square shaped 3 dimensional pieces that fit together and are fun to build with.

Using the cards as a guide is similar to following the instructions from an engineering drawing to build a sub-assembly. There are four levels of difficulty on the design cards. It took me a while to figure out how to build the designs from the fourth level when we first got this toy. They are challenging for my 9 year old, but he is figuring them out.

While putting together this post I noticed that there is a set of advanced card designs. I put it into my Amazon cart.


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  1. I have Wedgits in my kindergarten classroom. Such a fabulous toy. Equally enjoyed by boys and girls, and both challenging and successful for everyone. I love them. Another building toy that gets my whole-hearted stamp of approval is magna-tiles. Found you through the Playtime linkie.

    1. I agree. We have Magna-Tiles and I like them even more than Wedgits. They are great for engineering skills.

  2. These look really fun and great for challenging your mind!


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