Kumihimo - Japanese Chord Braiding

Ropes and chords created using ancient Japanese braiding techniques can be used as purse straps, necklaces, trimming for clothing, belts, dog leashes and of course friendship bracelets. It is our newest handicraft thanks again to Grandma.

It is done in its traditional form using a specialized small wooden table which is round on the top with a hole in the middle and square on the bottom. We used portable foam looms to create our chords. The basic technique is fairly simple with only three steps to remember after set-up. My six year old easily followed the basic technique to create some friendship bracelets. Kumihimo Starter Kit: KumiLoom(TM) Disk/Bobbins/Booklet/Necklace Kit
A Complete Guide To Kumihimo On A Braiding Loom: Round, Flat, Square, Hollow, And Beaded Braids And Necklaces provides directions for the basic and advancing techniques as well as design tips. Grandma sent the book with the loom and it was plenty for us to get started and stay busy for a long time.

I like this craft because it is very portable. A small bag can hold enough supplies to create several different chords and provide hours of entertainment. I often bring it to the hospital for Jemma to work on while she receives her chemotherapy.

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  1. oh, my daughter is going to love this!

  2. This sounds great - and love that it's portable - great for summer trips.

  3. This is a great activity. How is Jemma doing? When I go to radiation therapy, I see other people getting chemo treatments. The other day I saw a young girl and she was upset because she had gotten sick the last time. I wanted to help her, but there was nothing I could do but pray. I pray for Jemma and all of you every day, too.

    1. It is difficult being sick and watching others who are sick nearby. We all feel helpless. Jemma is still taking chemotherapy pills at home and will be for then next year, but her life is actually quite normal these days. The picture in this post is a few months old and she looks much better these days.

    2. Yes, she does. I will be taking chemo pills at home for five years, too. I am praying for you all every day.

  4. This weaving looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing at the After School Linky Party!


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