Human Body - Week 7 - Teeth

Week 7: We made teeth.

Our symmetric mouths are filled with pairs of teeth. There are eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars and twelve molars in full grown adults who still have all of their teeth. After reading about teeth in The Way We Work we did some teeth activities.

First we counted our teeth and found out that both my six and nine year old had twelve teeth on the top and ten teeth on the bottom. My eleven year old had twelve on both the top and bottom. I had fourteen teeth on the top and bottom.

Next we read some stories and watched a very cute video.

One Morning in Maine is a wonderful children's story book about a little girl who loses her tooth and goes on an adventure with her father. She learns that birds do not have teeth, but dogs do and theirs fall out just like people's.

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof is about what children in different countries do when they lose their baby teeth. Some put them in boxes for a fairy, some have them plated in gold and made into jewelry and some throw them on the roof. This story is a fun way for kids to learn about other countries.

Once Upon a Time Life - Mouth and Teeth is a wonderful children's animated video. In the episode the teeth bacteria try to work their way into the blood stream by making a cavity in a tooth. They select the best spot, have a difficult time drilling through the enamel and crave sugar. I highly recommend watching.

Next, we made our own teeth. We talked about the shapes, parts and purposes of our different kinds of teeth while we made them out of dough.
Incisors are in the front and flat. Canines are used for ripping and very pointy. Molars and premolars are for crushing.

A toothpick was inserted into each tooth to make a hole for the root. The roots were spaghetti noodles.

We used nail polish to paint the hard, bright, white enamel onto our teeth. Then we gave one tooth with several cavities a crown.

Another tooth had a cavity which was filled with yellow dough.

To see more of our human body activities please visit our science page. There are many more human body science activities to come, but I'm going to take a break and post some other activities over the summer. This series will resume September 1st with posts on the nose, digestive system, liver, pancreas and other anatomy activities.

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  1. A good lesson in teeth, my children would do well to take note!

  2. You made teeth?!? That is awesome! I'd love it if you'd share this activity by linking to the After School Linky party on my blog:

  3. Love this idea. We'll be starting on anatomy in term 3 (NZ 29th July) so have been pinning so many of your wonderful activities.

    I am thinking of using the Apologia book. Hope it is as good as what you have been using.

    1. I'm so glad you are finding the activities useful. I've heard of the Apologia book, but am not very familiar with it. Have fun with the lessons.

  4. What a wonderful way to explain the areas on a tooth! I love the books you shared. I will be sharing this post.

  5. I love One Morning in Maine! What a fun idea to make teeth. Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf, I hope you join us again when we return in September.

  6. Such a great idea! They will never forget what each kind of tooth looks like now =) I'm going to check out that video, thanks for posting!

  7. This is just a little craft/tray activity. Glue on some yellow teeth and brush them white using a toothbrush and white paint.
    James T Hutta
    james hutta oh


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