Kitchen on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are huge, floating, paradises that have quite a challenge in the kitchen. Large ships may have four or five seperate huge gallies.

Ships maintain a 4-6 week supply of food which is restocked weekly. The head chef must carefully plan the meals so that food is used before it spoils.

These huge containers which look like utility room sinks are actually for pasta. They fill the entire cavity with pasta sauce.

Since fire is the biggest potential threat on board a cruise ship, cooking with open flame is not allowed. The chef must therefore find alternate ways to produce desired flavors.
Deserts, deserts, and more deserts. Did you know people tend to eat a lot on cruise ships?


  1. How cool! I'd never imagined the inside workings of a cruise ship before. Thanks!

  2. I have always wanted to go on a cruise ship, but husband and the kids aren't so keen. I think I overdid the Titanic unit study last year;)

    1. We all loved it. There was so much to do and we went many places. This was the last big thing we did before Jemma got sick. She was diagnosed about 1 month after we returned, but I think she was sick as early as one week after we got back. Part of me is hesitant to ever go on another cruise. Perhaps that's where she got sick?

    2. No, Julie, do not think like that! However, I understand your hesitant feelings. I will probably have them too as a mom.

  3. Oh, yeah, in my only cruise, for our honeymoon, I put weight!


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