Six Great Math and Music Educational iPod Apps

We have had an iPod for a little over a year and recently bought a second one. It has been a good source of entertainment for Jemma in the hospital. I downloaded several apps and looked at them all to make sure they are educational. If they are going to be playing games I want them to be learning something too. Here are some of the family favorites.

Speed! - Skip-Counting Card Game (My Husband Created this one) - One player plays against the computer to see who can get rid of their cards first in this fun, fast-paced game.

Rogo - This is actually the only game I have paid for. I downloaded the free version and liked it so much I upgraded. It's a math challenge game something like Sudoku in that it is challenging, addicting and you need to think. The play board consists of a grid of boxes. Some of the boxes contain numbers. The player must create a loop which contains the designated number of boxes and also results in the highest total sum of the numbers with the cubes in the loop. There are several different levels available.

Factor Samurai - As numbers float across the screen the kids touch any that are not prime. After being touched the numbers blast apart into two factors. Each non prime number must be touched to advance in the difficulty of the game. Although I consider knowing and understanding prime numbers a math concept to be learned in late elementary school, my five year old can name them up to 50. She loves this simple game.

Divisibility (McGraw-Hill) - In tetras style, balls containing numbers fall from the top of the screen and stack up if not used. In another ball off to the side is another number, let's say 3 for example. Players select two of the number balls to create a two digit number which is divisible by three to blow up. For example, 4 and 5 or 45 is divisible by three. If all of the balls are blown up the player wins, and if a mistake is made the balls turn to stone and create a blockage.

Fractions (McGraw-Hill) - Fractions is a card game in which players must select two equivalent fractions to get rid of cards. Again I do not consider this a math skill in which a five year old is capable of understanding, but mine loves this game. She not only loves it, but selects appropriate fractions and is able to advance in the game.

Recorder Master - As birds fly across the screen, players must push the correct musical notes on the recorder. The kids are learning to recognize various notes and patterns within music. Plus they like it.

Virtuoso - This is a piano simulator. The kids don't play with this too often, but I like it and encourage them to use it. My daughter learned how to play Yankee Doodle at home and practiced in the hospital until she had the notes memorized.

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