Ancient Greek History Co-op - Week 5 - The Trojan War

Week 5: We made movies of the Trojan War.

The ancient city of Troy was believed to be a myth until one day it was discovered. All of a sudden Homer's Iliad had much more meaning. Was there really a war? Was it fought over Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world? Was there really a Trojan horse?

Those questions may never be completely answered, but now we know there was a city of Troy. In fact there were nine cities built on top of one another. The city of Troy was collecting tolls on ships that wished to pass into the Black Sea. Since the Greeks wished to trade and sail the waters, the toll fees would not have been welcomed. Perhaps the Trojan War was fought over Helen? Perhaps the Greeks fought the Trojans to prevent further taxation? Maybe both were reasons for the war.

The kids watched The Truth about Troy to learn about Troy and the Trojan war.

We read these books to learn about the Trojan War.
The Iliad for Boys and Girls by Alfred J Church - My 11 year old read this book on her own.
The Trojan Horse by Hutton - My 9 year old read this book on his own.
Stories from the Iliad by Jeanie Lang - I read this free book on the Heritage History website with my son.

Then we created this movie.

After the kids built the scenes. I took pictures and loaded them into a video editing program. The kids decided which images to use, added background music and text. This project actually took several days as the kids did the majority of the video editing on their own.

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  1. You know, I think we actually used that exact same book when we studied the Trojan War a couple of years ago (The Trojan Horse). The cover looks the same.

  2. That's seriously, seriously good work. I'm slightly jealous of your children's ability with the video! My kids would LOVE to do something like that, but I've only just learnt how to put photos on my blog - and even then it's doing it laboriously one at a time! I'm naff at all things that require a plug! I really enjoyed this post!


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