Writing to Read

I have been participating in a blog hop at Cherrios & Lattes for children learning how to read and write. Although I wouldn't consider my daughter a reader yet, she can read or sound out most three letter words and a few more beyond that. One activity she really seems to enjoy, and does primarily on her own is copying sentences from books. She always picks her favorite book of the week and usually copies the first sentence or two. Then she asks me to read it. When I do she is so proud and satisfied with her work.

Although she can't yet read she is learning so much with this activity. She is already familiar with the story and some of the words. Each time she copies a sentence she is figuring out a little more of this complex code. Awesome!

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  1. My daughter did the same thing! Given time, I'll bet she teaches herself like mine did. She's smart using "mentors!"


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