Speed! - Patterns in the Cards - 7's, 8's and 9's on Top

This is the eighth and last post in an extension of the Speed! Patterns in the Cards posts. - I created the fun card game Speed! to teach multiplication. It uses skip counting to teach children to multiply and how to multiply faster. The series of Patterns in the Cards blog posts are meant to show some activities that can aid in number sense development using the Speed! cards.   

Cool patterns become visible when two decks of Speed! cards are placed one on top of the other matching numbers. Last week we looked at what happened when Six Speed was the top deck.

If you are still reading this series of posts you are a trooper and perhaps fascinated by math and patterns as I am.

For the last week let's find out what happens when Seven, Eight and Nine are the top decks. In all three cases let's experiment with Five Speed as the bottom deck.

First lay Five Speed, the base deck out like this.

- Now get out Seven Speed, Eight Speed and Nine Speed and find the cards each deck has in common with Five Speed. (35 for Seven Speed, 40 for Eight Speed, and 45 for Nine Speed). If the decks were extended they would also conatin the common cards 70, 105, 140 and so on for Seven Speed, 80, 120, 160 and so on for Eight Speed and 90, 135, 180 and so on for Nine Speed.
- Take turns laying the common cards from each Speed deck on top of the corresponding Five Speed cards.

The resulting patterns should look like this.

These patterns are a little more difficult to see than the patterns from prior posts, but as the others repeated themselves when substituting base decks, these too repeat. I hope you had fun on this visual math pattern journey and join me in the future when I talk about using Speed! cards to find prime numbers and other fun math activities.

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