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Music is a subject we study several times a week, but I rarely talk about it. Our music curriculum has two parts - listening and learning to play an instrument. At home I originally followed the Ambleside On-line music course of study for the listening portion, but have since modified it a bit for our family. The Amblside music curriculum is comprised of classical music, hymns and folk songs. My father plays the trumpet and loves jazz music, so I wanted to add some jazz. I also wanted to add some German music and German folk songs since we are living in Germany. So, each week we have a different music selection we listen to in the kitchen during meals and in the car. Sometimes I talk about the artist/composer or the piece, but usually the music is just played. This year we listened to;

Mozart selections from Ambleside On-line
Mendelssohn selections from Ambleside On-line
Bela Bartok selections from Ambleside On-line
Hindemith selections from Ambleside On-line

Irish folk music (Barnbrack)
Scottish folk music (Old Blind Dogs)
German folk music (Backe Backe Kuchen album)

Bille Holiday
J.J Johnson
Thelonious Monk
Wynton Marsalis

Halloween Music (kid songs)
Christmas Music

I keep all the music on my computer and on an iPod. I love this method because it has turned out to be very convenient. In the kitchen we have a docking station for the iPod, and it can plug directly into the stereo system in my car. Last year I upgraded my iPod and passed on the old one to the kids which is loaded with music selections such as the ones listed above. Now on the rare occasion I feel like listening to Prince, Janet Janet Jackson or some other form of dance music the kids say "mom, turn this off, it's not real music." Hmmmm.... That's what my dad used to say too.

Four the second portion of our music curriculum the kids are learning to play instruments. The two olders kids began learning to play the piano when they were 6 years old. I told the oldest she could select another instrument to play when she turned 10. Well she chose the harp. I wasn't quite ready for this. They are very expensive! After some negotiation she settled on the violin (which she loves).

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  1. i congratulate you on recognizing the importance of studying music. its very important to human development. great post keep up the hard work. check these out IStillGotMyGuitar

  2. My two play the piano and just took their level one tests:90 We are waiting the results. We do a lot of listening to CD my husband makes. He made one of the Beatles and my kids hate it:)

  3. Sounds fun. We use our ipod to dance and freeze at the moment. My husband is a musician, so the boys head down to the man cave for more musical fun, drums, piano, guitar, etc.

  4. We have only just started to listen to music purposely. Of course we've done of plenty of singing and playing kid instruments and the typical preschool type things, but actually sitting and listening to good music is new to us. I do love how easy music is to get these days! We subscribe to Rhapsody and just look up whatever we desire and play it on our computer. Looks like you covered a great variety this year! Thanks for sharing with us at Trivium Tuesdays!


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