Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Speed! Giveaway - What DID We Do All Day?

Good news! It's time for another Speed! giveaaway!

Visit the What DID we do all day? blog this week for a chance to win box Speed! The fun new card game “Speed!” is a great way to teach multiplication. It uses skip counting to teach children to multiply and how to multiply faster.
I really like the What DID we do all day? blog because it is all about Montessori. Actually I found it through a Montessori on-line group, and then I found an unsolicited review she did of Speed! As you can imagine I was super excited. Here is a link to her original post about Speed! Check it out.

If you are familiar with Speed! you may have noticed the game has a lot in common with Montessori, yet it is not Montessori. Why is this?

Well, my daughter attended a Montessori school for two years, and my brother attended a Montessori pre-school. I attended a school called open-classroom during my elementary years. It had a lot in common with Montessori in that there were no text books, the kids sat at tables, we called our teachers by their first names, the kids worked on items at their own level that they were interested in, and the teachers did not stand in front of the class very often. Yet this was not a Montessori school. My life experiences have brought me very close to Montessori, but I have always been a bit of an outsider. So I guess it's the same with Speed! It looks a lot like Montessori, but it's a bit of an outsider.

Visit What DID we do all day? for rules and to enter. Don't wait. You can enter once per day between today and next Tuesday. The winner will be announced next Wednesday at What DID we do all day.

-giveaway open to US and APO addresses only


  1. hi
    i left few comments about this beautiful game and emailed you personally but never got a reply . Is there a way to get it directly from you for families outside the States ?? or i wish you could make it available on amazon UK

    1. Viv -

      Sure I can send you a box. The cost would be $17.75 for Speed! and $17 for shipping. For those of you outside the US, the shipping price varies somewhat, but $17 is a close ballpark figure. It is $17 for New Zealand, Australia and the UK. $9 for Canada. Please email me directly with your address if you would like me to mail you a box.

      jmommymom @ gmail . com - no spaces

      Sorry about not getting back to you before, I don't recall seeing the messages.

      PS - I also emailed you a response directly.

  2. I didn't realize you created this game:)! off to see if I can win it

    1. Yes I did. It's my latest adventure and I'm working hard at it, but also enjoying it. Good luck!


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