Mar 14, 2012

Intro to Computer Programming - Scratch

All I have to say is wow! Scratch is the coolest computer programming tool ever.... and it's free. It is a tool for kids to learn how to write computer programs. After downloading it to the computer, kids can create games, movies, stories and all sorts of cool computer stuff. They can start with one of the images already loaded in the program or create their own. There are built-in tools to create motion, sound, and change the appearance of the graphics. They can even make their programs more sophisticated through the use of variables.
Not only does it do all that, but it's a great way to practice math. Getting a figure to move to a desired location requires knowledge of grids (x,y coordinates). Figures can be rotated a desired number of degrees. Equations can be added in conjunction with control statements such as loops.  Overall, it's an excellent way to learn programming, practice logic and the math possibilities are endless.

If you allow computers in your home and have a child who loves them, try this! They will learn so much and this could be a great introduction to a career in computer science.

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  1. What age group do you think this is aimed for. I am going to check this out, computer skills in my home school is where I am lacking. My hubby was suppose to tackle this but with his work schedule just can't do it. I haven't tried 'cause I am horrible with computer skills:) Thanks for posting, going to investigate this.

    1. Age range - I think around age 10-15 is probably best for Scratch. Younger kids could do it with parent help. I don't have any over 10, but I think many kids over 15 may like it too.

      After the initial download and getting started, the kids can do a lot of experimenting. My 8 year old likes it, but I think it's a bit over his head at this point.

  2. Oh, that is neat looking. Will have to save that for when my son is that age. I bet he would love it. Thanks for linking up at ~ Jen

  3. I saw this when you originally posted it (I just didn't comment at that time), and I saw another person's post about this program in the same week. I did download it, but we haven't really done anything with it yet. I am sure we looks really neat.
    Thanks for sharing with Favorite Resources!


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