Knit Leg Warmers - Beginning Knitting Project

Knitting is such a wonderful activity for kids. I love seeing my daughter diligently working on a crafty project. Leg warmers are a great beginning knitting project, because they are relatively simple, don't take too long to complete and fun to wear around. My oldest daughter was six years old when Grandma taught her to knit. She made these a few years later when she was nine.

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  1. What fun legwarmers! How delightful that your daughter can knit with you!

  2. That is so amazing. I think more young girls need to learn how to knit. I myself have boys, one of which wanted to learn to knit...until I tried to teach him at which point he decided spool knitting was enough for him :)

    1. Spool knitting is a great start. I have taught my 8 year old son to knit, but he hasn't had much interest and still needs a lot of help. He would rather invent stuff and fly his kite.
      That's just fine with me. I try to encourage their interests.

  3. what fun! I don't even know how to knit, I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing at BTT!!

  4. These are so pretty! I would love you to come join my Pin Me Linky Party that starts in a few minutes at 8am CST. I allow up to 3 links each week!


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