Flying a Kite

One day my son decided to create his own kite. He tied a string to a plastic bag then closed the string in the window so it wouldn't fly away. He will stay outside for hours on a breezy day watching his kite fly. He is learning about drag, lift, gravity and wind while having a great time playing outside.

Have you ever created your own kite? How did you do it?
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  1. Both of my boys have done this at various times, and had the greatest time with it. They have also done the same thing but with warm air, how it rises etc. As well as attaching it to their bikes and experimenting with drag. All that entertainment in just one little bag!:-)

    Could you please e-mail me your mailing address (again). Jonas has some things for Gemma but I have been unable to locate the folder (which I know is around here SOMEWHERE) which has your mailing address in it. Thanks!!:-)

  2. I successfully did that way back when I was a kid, and now that I'm older and want to teach my kids about this, my success rating: ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH.......


    Thanks for linking to Science Sunday!

  3. Thanks for the link up! It's been so windy here...what a great idea for cheap kid entertainment. =)


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