History Co-op Writing Assignments - Vikings

A writing assignment was given most weeks of the Viking History Co-op. The children presented their work the week following the assignment.
 1.    If you were to take a long voyage to a new land as the Vikings did, what would you bring and how would you use it? Put pictures or descriptions of your items in your sack (envelope) and write on a separate piece of paper.
2.    Write instructions for how to make a cloak.
3.    Write about a day in the Viking village as if you are a:
         a.    Thrall
         b.    Bondsman
         c.    Karl
         d.    Jarl
Then tell which person you would prefer to be and why.
4.    Write a Viking rowing song
5.    Pick a Viking fighting name for yourself and write a story about how you got your name.

To read more about our homeschool history co-op activities click on Homeschool History under Homeschooling Topics on the right-hand side of the blog, or one of the cultures below.
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