Speed! - Multiplication Game

Updated 6/05/2012

Speed! is a fun card game that I recently developed to help kids with multiplication.

It has now been for sale on Amazon.com for about seven months. We have received tons of positive feedback. Everyone I have shown Speed! to says "that's really neat and I want a box". This new adventure (Highhill Educational Supplies) is going very well.
My friend put a post on her Starry Sky Ranch blog which prompted a few people to purchase Speed!. Then one of them posted this on a Well Trained Mind disscussion board.

My kids were NOT memorizing their multiplication facts no matter how much I speed drilled them. So, in my searching for how to get them memorized, I came across a great game called SPEED.

It was mentioned on Starry Sky Ranch blog and she has links to the videos so you can get a good grasp on how to play.

My kids LOVE it. In one week they've all memorized thier math facts, and, the new 3rd grader now has ALL of his memorized and we're skipping through our math curric at a speeding pace because he's memorized it and almost caught up to his 3rd grade sisters already! (to be fair, they're half way through this year's curric, too, just because of this game).

And, another shout out to Starry Sky Ranch blog which is just fantastic.

If you are interested in my game check out this video to see it being played.

I am having a lot of fun with this adventure and I sure hope it lasts. Thanks for all of your support!

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  1. would like to try speed with my kids but do we have to get it from amazon US . I live in Gambia and already struggling with educational supply , i usually buy from Uk and even then i usually try to order to family address in europe and somebody would bring it over when visiting . is it possible to buy it directly from you .

    1. Sure you can order directly from me. The cost would be $17.75 plus shipping. Please email me privately with your address if you would like a box. jmommymom @ gmail . com - no spaces

  2. great idea, thanks for sharing at tip toe thru tuesday! My son can always use some practice with his facts

  3. Awesome! I'll check it out! Thanks!

  4. Looks like fun! When I taught 2nd grade, getting the kiddos to memorize their math facts was awful! Looks like this game would help make it fun!

    Mary Beth

  5. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I love using games to teach.

    I would love it if you would share this post on the Back To School Monday Homeschooling Link-Up! I really think my readers will enjoy it!


    Susan Godfrey
    Finding Beauty - http://www.susangodfrey.com

  6. So there is a different color stack for each 'multiple' (by 3's, by 4's etc.)? That looks really neat. I'm going to add it to my amazon wishlist! Would you consider sharing this at Trivium Tuesdays either today or next week?

    1. Yes, each deck is a different color and the set comes with 2's-9's. I'll definitely link-up. Thanks for letting me know about your blog-hop.

  7. Really great game! Love it! It would even be good for me to play :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey! I just found this game a week or so ago and my girls love it! I've been telling everyone about it! ...including Jolanthe (a friend) at homeschoolcreations.com Check out her site. It's amazing.

    I'm hoping the word gets out for your new company! I'll definitely be spreading it!

    1. Christin - That's awesome! Thank you for the huge compliment and spreading the word. I'm glad you and your kids are having fun playing Speed!


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