Nov 30, 2011

Science Experiment Curriculum

Science is both fun and entertaining with the Discover & Do Video Series. The kids watch a short video of a young (high school) science guy which explains and does a simple science experiment. Then the kids repeat the experiment. I like it because we usually have everything required to do the experiments and the experiments take a relatively short time to complete. Plus it is all explained so the kids can do most of it on their own.

Some of the videos are available used on amazon. (Although they are very new, I believe the names have changed slightly from Volume 1 to Level K, etc.)
Discover & Do Level K DVD: Air, in the Kitchen, Plants
Discover & Do Level 1 DVD: Water, Magnets, Light and Mirrors
Discover & Do Level 2 DVD: Batteries, Your Body, Weather

The videos are also available through
On the Sonlight website you can see Sample Videos from the DVD's.

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  1. This sounds like a neat series. Thanks for sharing at Favorite Resources.


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