Nov 15, 2011

Going to the Store at Home

With our toy cash register and fake money each of the kids has learned about money, addition and subtraction by buying and selling things from around the house. They have sold socks, spoons, blocks and many other items. This activity worked best for my son when we added a few rules:

Everything must cost less than $1.00
The buyer must always pay with $1.00
Correct change must always be given (of course I was willing to help)

He liked to weigh the item being sold and have the weight in grams be the selling price of the item.


  1. Such a fun way to practice math and money skills! Thanks for sharing with Favorite Resources.

  2. Love this idea. You reminded me that we need a good toy cash register.

  3. ooh fab idea! My girls love playing shop. Thanks for linking to Fun Sparks. xx

  4. Awesome idea! Fun and educational.

  5. Over from love2learn2day.

    OK, just watched the video on your Speed! game. I am totally putting this on our wishlist for birthdays! WOW! This would be very handy at our home right now!

    I had a question: Can it be used for just the numbers 1-20? One at a time? Or is it only useful for multiples? You don't have a 1s deck correct? No matter, I still want it! :)

    1. It's great you are interested in Speed! You are correct. There is not a 1's deck. We used a standard deck of cards without Jacks, Queens and Kings - and pretended A's were ones.

      2's cover skip counting numbers 2-20
      3's cover skip counting numbers 3-30
      4's cover skip counting numbers 4-40
      5's cover skip counting numbers 5-50
      6's cover skip counting numbers 6-60
      7's cover skip counting numbers 7-70
      8's cover skip counting numbers 8-80
      9's cover skip counting numbers 9-90

  6. Hello! I so hope you get this message! My husband is from Germany and it was my understanding HmS was illegal in Deutschland. Thus, why we continue to live in the USA. I would (love?) move to Germany for his family. they are great! Yet, for too many words for this message, I do not want to do Public School.

    How are you able to do this? I am USA he is German. Is there something I don't know? And, I will be reading over your blog. Perhaps, the answer is buried in here somewhere.

    I don't want to post my email for the public but here is my blog. My comments must be approved. I would love to get some insight.

    Also, I would like my child (ren?) to be with their family. And, would move in a heartbeat if I knew I could Hms in Deutschland.

    1. The answer is in my blog - perhaps a bit buried.

      We can homeschool in Germany because we are Americans connected with the military. Here is the more complete answer.


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