Settlers of Catan - Strategy Game

Each game of The Settlers of Catan is unique and full of strategy sure to make competitive kids and adults think.

The idea is to be the first player to earn 10 points. The most common way to gain points is by building structures (small ports or large ports). Structures are purchased with resources such as sheep, wood, bricks, rocks, and wheat.

Resources are earned each time the dice are rolled. If a structure has been built on a rock quarry with a number 8 sitting atop the quarry, each time an 8 is rolled, the player owning the structures gets a rock resource. Since dice are incorporated into the game, a fair amount of statistical analysis as well as luck goes into winning the game.

There are many rules to the game and it's best to learn them by having no idea what's happening but being guided by an experienced player the first time through. My kids learned the game from a friend and insisted I play. I hated it the first time, but now am hooked. I want to play every night and am determined to beat my 14 year old daughter who can't seem to lose.

This game makes a great gift and is perfect for family time. Remember, Christmas is coming.

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