Mock Cable Chunky Yarn Hat

Although this hat appears to have cables, it actually does not. This chunky yarn hat was inspired by a pattern in the book One-Skein Wonders. It was super easy and knitted up in a short amount of time. The pattern in the book required thinner yarn and smaller needles. Since I planned to use chunky yarn with #10-16 needles, modifications were required.

To begin 90 stitches were cast on. This seems like a lot of stitches for a chunky yarn hat with number 10 needles, but each time a round 1 (detailed below) was completed, the number of stitches were reduced to 72. 

A series of slipped then passed over stitches coupled with yarn overs were used to achieve the cabled look without using a cable needle. The simple basic pattern of the hat was repeated over five stitches in groups of four rows;

round 1 - slip 1, k2, psso, p2
round 2 - k1, yo, k1, p2
round 3 - knit
round 4 - knit

Once the hat was six inches tall, the stitches were decreased as follows;
round 1 - (k10, k2 tog) 6 times - 66 stitches
round 2 - knit
round 3 - (k4, k2 tog) 11 times - 55 stitches
round 4 - purl
round 5 - (k3, k2 tog) 11 times - 44 stitches
round 6 - purl
round 7 - (k2, k2 tog) 11 times - 33 stitches
round 8 - purl
round 9 - (k1, k2 tog) 11 times - 22 stitches
round 10 - purl
round 11 (k2 tog) 11 times - 11 stitches

String yarn through remaining stitches and close up hat. Weave lose yarn ends into hat.

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  1. Ooh that's clever, it really does look like cable! Very pretty hat :)


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