Math Designed to Make Kids Think

I have posted several math problems designed to invoke thinking, on the refrigerator with out saying a word. The kids are enjoying it thoroughly.

Each sheet remains up for 3-6 days while everyone has a chance to ponder, explore and write down their thoughts and solutions.

Here's what's being posted.
Algebra on Rectangles from Let's Play Math and Math Pickle
Visual Patterns from Let's Play Math and
Math Without Words from James Tanton (this website also contains many excellent videos)
Pondering Large Numbers from Let's Play Math
How many ways can you make 12? - from a homeschooling mom on a Math message board

Those are the ideas I have so far. If you have any suggestions I would love a comment.
For more educational ideas check out these blog hops.


  1. Good idea... I'll be using this to help me keep the kids sharp over the summer (assuming this doesn't cause a mutiny against me!)

  2. Great idea, and thanks for all the great math resources. We like to warm up with a math challenge problem so I'm always on the lookout for more ideas.

    1. Where do you find your challenge problems?

  3. Check out more problems/puzzles here:

  4. You guys are awesome. Your links are just what I needed to keep posting interesting problems. - Thank you all!

  5. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing the problems you've used so far.

  6. Thanks for this idea. Always looking for brainteasers to give my littles. I'm an american in germany too. :) 5 years running now.

  7. I love the idea! I leave sticky notes with sentences for reading practice! Except that they sometimes go unnoticed for days in the photo clutter on the fridge!



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