Paul Klee - Person from one Line - Art Project for Kids

We created pictures similar to Paul Klee's The Groom's Arrival.

Paul Klee was a European abstract artist who lived at the same time as Wassily Kandinsky in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Much of his art is very childlike and therefore easy to imitate. He loved bright colors and simple shapes.

The Groom's Arrival looks like it was created with one long continuous like plus a few circles and ovals. Inspired by Art Projects for Kids, we used the same technique to create pictures of people.

One continuous line was drawn to create the figure of a person.

A few simple shapes were added to complete the sketch. Then some were outlined with black marker and the shapes were filled in with oil pastels.

Daughter age 7 years

Daughter age 12 years

Mom age XX years

In conjunction with creating Paul Klee drawings, we read the book Paul Klee (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists). I highly recommend this artist/musician series.

This is the first post in a three project series imitating the art of Paul Klee.

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  1. This is a great project - very doable, and it would go great with the Paul Klee Sticker Art Shapes book we have :)

  2. Paul Klee's work is very childlike and yet intriguing. I love all your unique art pieces!

  3. What a fun art project. I love all of your drawings! I've been hoping to do more art with my kids--we will definitely have to try this.


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