Persia Unit Study - Darius - Persepolis

Week 2: We made a three dimensional model of the Hall of One Hundred Columns.

Persepolis was a palace city built for the kings of Persia. Located in modern day Iran, the sight contained several different castles. One of the castles was known as the Hall of 100 Columns and functioned as a greeting hall for the King to greet his Satraps (governors). They came from all over the empire bearing gifts. We watched this video on Persepolis.

Then the kids worked together to create this model of the Hall of 100 Columns using Google Sketch-Up. They learned about the standards library, patterning features and adding material painted surfaces during the process. The columns were actually constructed from black marble and had bulls at the tops.

They found these columns in the standards library and used them instead. They also found the throne in the standards library.

After inserting one column, they copied it ten times to create a row and then copied all ten, ten more times to create 100. The floor was covered with a large carpet, so they painted their floor to look like a carpet too.

To see more of our history activities please visit our history page.

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  1. This is pretty neat to be able to use a Sketch Up for that. Great lesson not only in history but also in 3D design. Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  2. Wow, that looks like a neat program!


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