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This is the last of the series of link-ups for educators to share ideas and lesson plans for the upcoming school year. This week's topic is organization.

There are so many ways to organize school work. Last year our main tool was a spreadsheet. The first few columns listed the school week, date and day. Across the top each subject was listed in a separate column. Book chapters to read, links to videos to watch, pages or math sections to do, writing assignments to complete and so on were listed in each cell of the spreadsheet.

Once school started, each child had a list of activities. Many of the tasks the kids could do on their own which made the school day run fairly smoothly. They could begin before I even woke up. When they were finished with a task they highlighted the cell.

During the day I spent about an hour with each child working one-on-one going through their specific work. Typically this involved activities such as reading writing they had written, reading to them or listening to them read, helping with math problems, and giving a spelling lessons.

It took a few hours for me to fill in one subject column before the school year began and each child had their own tab. In addition, I revised the schedule a few times throughout the school year. Having a daughter in-and-out of the hospital going through Leukemia treatment made this type of organization essential.

This year I'm planning to have a more relaxed approach. I recently wrote about our morning, afternoon and evening plans. Here's the link.
Now it's your turn. Please share your plans for organization.

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