Ruffled Pants

My daughter added ruffles to her pants.

When pants get too short for the kids I generally get rid of them or set them aside for the next child, but my eleven year old gets very attached to her clothes. She has a few favorite things to wear and rotates between them leaving the other clothes in her closet in pristine condition for her younger sister.

She knew I was about to discard two of her favorite pairs of pants and took quick action.

She used three different types of velvet, and matching thread to make them a little longer. First she measured the circumference of her pants and cut out three rectangles for each leg slightly larger and about 3 inches wide. Next she sewed the six rectangles into circles and hemmed the ends. Finally she sewed them in layers to the bottoms of her pants.

I have to admit that they came out very cute. If she's happy wearing them and creating them, I happy saving the money it would cost to purchase new pants.

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