More Fabric Flowers

Constructing fabric flowers is a hobby which can provide a variety of design opportunities and entertain for a long time. Last summer Grandma introduced fabric flowers to both of my girls. Now they both do most of the work on their own. My oldest has learned to select flowers, read patterns and follow the directions. My youngest needs a little help with new designs, but looks at the pictures as if they were directions.

My 11 year old's latest flower came from the book Fabric Flowers by Elizabeth Searle. The finished product was made into a pony tail holder. Both girls have made several flowers from this book and I highly recommend it. They received it last summer and are still using it today.

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  1. Those are very pretty. I have three a talented friend gave me, and I wear them to accent my clothes all the time.

    Did you see the give away I am having at bookscomplicity?

    You qualify, I don't know if you have these titles, but if not, you may be interested in entering the give away.

  2. Very impressive! I can only hope that my daughter will develop crafty interests when she is older :)


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