Celtic history co-op. Week 3: Jewelry

Week 3: We made Celtic fibulas (shoulder pins).

Celts didn't have safety pins or buttons. Instead, their clothes were held together at the shoulder with pins called fibulas.

The first step in creating fibulas is to create or purchase a jig. Ours were constructed by placing pegs into holes in wooden blocks.  Artistic Wire Deluxe Jig Kit are not too expensive and can be purchased at Amazon.

Next, a 25 inch long piece of copper wire was wrapped with the fingers in circular patterns around the jig.

Once the wire was wrapped, it was removed from the jig and pounded with a hammer into a sharp point on the ends. This was done with the help of an adult.

Since each jig was a little different, each of the fibulas were different.  They turned out very nice. Both of my daughters enjoyed it so much we went home with all the scraps, tools, Celtic Jewelry book and a jewelry making kit.

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  1. Oh,those turned out great!! I love them. Thanks for linking up!


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