Celtic history co-op. Week 4: Beliefs

Week 4: We made Celtic robes.

The Celts were in tune with nature and worshiped many Gods. Stories were told by the Druids which served as a historical record and as a way to teach life and moral lessons. In later years when the Romans had contact with the Celts, many of the legends were written down.

Tales from Celtic Lands by Caitlin Matthews - This book was great for my third grader. It had beautiful illustrations. Many of the stories involved a peasent or a prince.

Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs - This book is free on Librivox and also free on the Baldwin Project. The stories in this book were a bit longer and better for my fifth grader. My daughter liked the Talking Egg Shell fairy tale best. It was about a troll who switched human kids with gobblin kids.

Celtic clothing was made primarily of wool. Robes were often worn over tighter fitting clothing to keep out the cold. Our Celtic robes were made from old sheets.

First a hole was cut for the head near the middle of the sheet. Next, the length was trimmed depending on the height of the child. Finally, the shoulder pins constructed from the previous co-op were added to the robes.

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  1. Wow, the robes look great and they show off the pins well. Who knew that robes could be that simple to make. I am saving this idea for the next time we get to the Celts! Thanks for linking up.

  2. How fun!! I love this idea. new follower of your blog... we also homeschool and I have family in Germany, can't wait to read around your blog a bit more :)


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