Celtic history co-op. Week 2: Houses and Homes

Week 2: We made Celtic round houses.

The Celts lived in houses made from wattle and daub. Wattle was the woven portion of the houses which would have been made from tree branches. Daub was made from several materials such as clay, earth and dung.

Our houses were constructed with clay, vegetable skewers, yarn, flour, water and paper.

The bases were created by placing vertical skewers around the perimeter of a clay circle.

Next, yarn was woven around the skewers to create the wattle.

Once the wattle frame was constructed a flour/water/newspaper daub mixture was added to the woven wattle.

Finally, the roofs were constructed from a sheet of paper, colored and glued into a cone shape. At our house after the history co-op, we made Celtic people to live in the houses.

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  1. Wow! I love how you have activities that can be enjoyed and learned from by kids of a variety of ages. Moms like you make me want to try homeschooling!!

  2. What a FUN learning activity!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you again tomorrow,

  3. I love it! But then, you knew I would! Thanks so much for linking up your great ideas.

  4. Your wattle & daub houses are so cute! Apparently that type of construction has been around for 1600 years! My husband teased with me that if we are ever in a major catastrophe my son & I can build us shelter =-)


  5. I so admire anyone who is able to homeschool their kiddos and think up awesome stuff like this to teach. Go you. Thank you for linking up to tip-toe thru Tuesday. I hope we see you next week.

  6. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. We will be enjoying this craft for our unit on the Celts.


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