Well I didn't realize how many food posts I had before putting together this page. What can I say? We have been tasting our way through Geography and History!

Viking Feast

Cooking Around the World

America - Grilled Cheese
France - Crepes
China - Cooking Sushi with Kids
Germany - Schnitzel 
India - Falooda
Mexico - Flan
Mexico - Tomales
Greece - Greek Salad
Kitchen on a Cruise Ship

Historic Food Adventures

Making Jam
Ancient Chinese Tea Party
Alfred the Great of England Cakes
Viking Feast 
Celtic Food
Celtic Feast
Ancient Greek Food 
Cookie Maps  

Holiday Food Adventures

Healthy Valentine's Day Snacks
St. Patrick's Week - Green Foods 
Leprechaun Juice 
Pumpkin Oatmeal
Making English Christmas Pudding
Serving English Christmas Pudding

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  1. This is a MEGA list! I can't believe you wrote all of these.


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