How does homeschooling work over the long-term?

Now that my kids are in 5th, 8th and 11th grades, we are seeing the results of homeschooling long-term.

We began this journey 10 years ago when my oldest was in 1st grade. As with any education plan there have been both high points and challenging moments. Now that my oldest is in 11th grade, we have come full circle as this year she is thriving in public school; back for the first time since Kindergarden.

Last year my oldest studied AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Music Theory, AP Government, and AP American History at home.  It sounds challenging and it was, but she didn't spend any more time studying than a typical high school student. In fact, I believe she studied less. Now she is a smart child, but by no means a genius of any sort. Homeschooling has simply enabled her to always be challenged at her level. These classes just happened to be the next in line.

Her 2016/17 course load was a challenge for me too. My main role as homeschool mom has always been to find the best resources for each child based on their learning style, interests and ability. With resources in hand, I put together a schedule/plan for each child to keep them challenged, thinking, and learning new material. Some subjects the kids study on their own, where as others I am very involved. There is always a balance.

Although my oldest studied AP Government, AP American History and AP Music Theory completely on her own. I was an integral part of AP Chemistry, Calculus and Statistics. Those being difficult classes, and I being her main person for questions resulted in a challenging year. When she had questions, I first had to understand the material and often, this was time-consuming. But we made it through and I am very happy with where she is now.

This year she is in the public school system. She is taking AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Composition and dentistry. Yes! She is studying lots of science and doing great! Her teachers say she thinks differently, often has different views and ideas on topics, but is mixing well with the other kids and doing a great job. I'm overjoyed to have more time to spend with the other two kids and a little extra free time during the day to complete the things I need to get done.

Next year when she is a senior, she will likely take two sophomore/junior level courses at a local university as she mostly beyond community college.

It's been a while since I've written on this blog. I suppose I haven't had much to say lately, but I am planning to write a post a week starting in January to discuss some of the curriculum and educational activities I have been doing at home with my 5th and 8th grader.

Happy Holidays.

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