Microscope Lessons for Kids

Using the book Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope as a guide, the kids have been captivated with specimens.

Our science lessons are scheduled twice per week for four hours each session. Four hours per week has enabled us to learn to create a variety of different slides for the microscope, keep a science journal and examine the world of the tiny. 

 The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope begins with the different types of microscopes and moves into slide creation. From there, the book is packed full of activities. Each requires creating a slide and examining the slide under a microscope.

 Looking closely at newspaper comics, we saw dots that blend together to make color.

Raiding my mom's sewing room for thread samples allowed us to learn the differences in types of thread. Embroidery thread is different from quilting thread, and they are both different from sewing threads. There are also metallic threads, invisible thread, silk thread and disappearing thread. Some are fuzzy, some are smooth, some are twisted and some are synthetic. It was thought-provoking seeing the differences under the microscope.

In addition to thread and colored newspaper print, we have explored bugs, feathers, skin cells, coins and more. I highly recommend exploring activities with a microscope with kids. You will both learn a bunch!

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