Claim It

My husband and son won the game Claim It at a gaming convention.

Claim It is a board game based on the days of the gold rush. Participants try to claim the largest cluster of land by rolling dice and claiming squares on a grid.

Each turn the player rolls three dice. They must select a number tile shown on one of the dice. The other dice numbers must match the numbers shown on a grid. Players mark that square and then roll the dice again to claim another square. They may roll as many times as they wish, but if they have used all of the claim numbers, their turn ends in a bust and they cannot claim any of the squares which they had marked.

Kids playing this game develop skills in statistical reasoning quite quickly by learning that if they roll the dice more than four times they are likely to loose their claim. Younger kids will learn to read a grid and all players will learn to recognize number patterns. Games are a fun way to increase number sense and develop critical thinking and strategy skills.

Luck, greed and strategy all play roles in this game. It is simple to play and fun for kids as young as 8 years old. If you have a chance this game is a fun one to try or to add to your home game library.

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