Lesson 3: New England States

Lesson 3: We learned about the New England States including: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Because of Robert McCloskey finding picture books set in the Northwestern States was easy.

Make Way for Ducklings (Viking Kestrel picture books)
One Morning in Maine (Picture Puffins)
Blueberries for Sal
Time of Wonder (Picture Puffins)
Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man (Picture Puffins)

All of his books were set in the Northeast and are full of rich language, and interesting stories.

In addition to the McCloskey books, we read the following picture books.

The Cranberry series is set in Maine and teaches us that it's what's on the inside that counts.
Cranberry Thanksgiving (Cranberryport)
Cranberry Christmas (Cranberryport)

I came across the book Daisy's Taxi at a library book sale and it has been one of my favorites. Daisy lives on an island in the Northeast and her job is to row a boat back and forth between the remote island and the mainland. Her unique cargo is just as interesting as the different way she lives.

This book tells the story of how Miss Rumphius, from Maine, fulfilled a promise to make the world more beautiful.

The Biscuit, Buttons and Pickles series is set in the Northeast and features two rag dolls.

Ivy Cottage (Biscuit, Buttons & Pickles)
The Thorn Witch (Biscuits, Buttons and Pickles)
Goose Eggs (Biscuit, Buttons & Pickles)
Rag Doll Press (Biscuits, Buttons and Pickles)

Based on a true story, Snowflake Bentley lives in Maine and learns how to photograph snowflakes. He works hard to capture his images and share them with the world.

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  1. There are some books here I am very interested in - thanks for sharing your list.

  2. Great book list! We'll have to check some of these out.


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