Easy Felt or Fleece Flower

Following the directions in Fun-to-Wear Fabric Flowers, my daughter made a simple felt flower.

Each morning I read to my daughter. Usually we read a story or two and then directions for a simple sewing project. She knows when reading time is over she has free time and sewing is not a requirement. It's amazing how often she goes onto make whatever we just read about. :)

This simple flower project took her only a few hours to complete. First she cut a strip of orange felt approximately 4 inches by 22 inches long. The strip was folded in half and slits were cut into the folded side making sure not to cut all the way through to the other edge of the the strip.

Next, the slitted strip was coiled into a flower shape and a needle with thread was shoved through the base several different times to hold the flower in place.

 Perhaps she will use a hot glue gun to attach her flower to a barette, or make a second flower and attach them to a pair of shoes.

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