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Native American Unit Study Resources - Books and Videos

There are so many books on Native American History. Our favorites are the type that teach through story. LIVING BOOKS!

Grade 1st - 4th

The Book of Indians by Holling C Holling describes Native Americans in four regions of the United States including the people of the forests (eastern and Great Lakes), plains, deserts and mesas and the rivers and sea (west coast Indians). Each tribal region is first described and then followed by two historical fiction stories of Native American children who lived there. Because I wanted my daughter to understand that the term Native American does not describe one group of people, but many, Holling C Holling's book was the core for this unit study.

My eight year old loves crafting, so our key to this unit study was the book More Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life (Hands-On History) by Laurie Carlson. The book contains over 100 simple crafts to be completed using common materials such as brown paper bags, and markers.

North American Indians (Pictureback(R)) was a simple book we read while writing down the names of some Indian tribes on the United States map showing where they used to live.


Very Last First Time
Eskimo Boy ~ Life in an Inupiaq Eskimo Village
Kayuktuk: An Arctic Quest

Pueblo Storyteller
Pueblo Boy: Growing Up in Two Worlds focus

The Sacred Harvest: Ojibway Wild Rice Gathering (We Are Still Here : Native Americans Today)

The Birchbark House

Tapenum's Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy In Pilgrim Times

Grade 5th - 8th

Indian Costumes
Water Sky

The Delaware Indians
Girl of the Shining Mountains: Sacagawea's Story tells the story of the Lewis and Clarke Expedition from Sacagawea's point of view. 

Videos -
Illinois Stories: Native American Clothes and Beads
America's Great Indian Nations
Native America Before Colonization

High School

Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison is based on the life of a colonist girl whose entire family was kidnapped by Indians. After the very difficult adjustment, Mary Jemison lived out her entire life with her new Indian family.

Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West

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