Lesson 2: US States and Capitals Activities for Kids

Lesson 2: My daughter learned her states and capitals.

Memorizing geography, math or history facts can be boring and a lot of work. Kids often dread memorizing, but there are many activities to do in conjunction with memorization that can make it lots of fun. Sometimes kids will fall in love with one activity and will completely learn their states and capitals while other kids need more variety. Regardless of the child, there are many options.

Here is a list of several ways to help kids learn the US States and Capitals.


I purchased the Discovery Kids Talking USA Puzzle when my oldest child was about three years old. The pieces were large enough for toddlers to handle and when she pushed each state the name, capital and state nickname sounded alout. In addition to the Discovery Kids Talking USA Puzzle, several manufacturers produce puzzles containing geographical images. We also really like GeoPuzzles.

GeoPuzzle Africa and the Middle East - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (65 pcs) - by Geotoys
GeoPuzzle Asia - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (50 pcs) - by Geotoys
GeoPuzzle Europe - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (58 pcs) - by Geotoys
GeoPuzzle Latin America - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (50 pcs)
GeoPuzzle World - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (68 pcs)


Seterra is a free online geography quiz game. In addition to states and capitals, it contains country, city, and river quizzes. My kids like racing the clock to improve the time it takes them to identify the geographical features.

State Quarter Map

Many kids between the ages of 7 and 12 seem to go through a collecting phase which makes the State Quarter Map - Us State Quarter Collection a perfect way to learn states. My kids received their maps as birthday or Christmas gifts and spent hours searching for quarters from each state to complete their maps.

Songs for Learning States and Capitals

The Classical Conversations homeschooling curriculum incorporates songs with hand movements to aid in memorization. Often times their songs can be located on Youtube. My youngest worked her way through this set of songs to memorize the US states and capitals.

NE States
SE States
Michigan to Tennessee
Minnesota to Wyoming
New Mexico to Texas
Wisconsin to Alaska
Rocky Mountain Song
Western Rocky Mountain Song
Utah to Hawaii
Montana to Alaska
Appalachian Mountain Song
Southern Appalachian Mountain Song

Exchanging Postcards

It can be lots of fun for kids to put together a collection of postcards from each state. There are several places on the internet including Postcardkids and Postcrossing where other people interested in exchanging postcards can be located. In addition to learning geography, this activity can be a great way to improve writing skills. When my oldest daughter exchanged postcards with other kids, she colored the states on a blank outline map each time she received a new postcard.

Looking for more activities to do with children? Be sure to check out the pages of this blog; Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, Arts and Crafts and these other great Blog Hops.


  1. Here is a fun game I made for drilling states and capitals. Also good for a review now and again. http://gamesforlearning-mary.blogspot.com/2015/04/states-and-capitals-bowling.html

  2. My kids also love Stack the States app and playing games like Scrambled States of America.

  3. I love these ideas for studying the states, especially collecting postcards and quarters. We're just about to swing around to U.S. History again so I've been looking for some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We're working on the states right now. :)

  5. Thanks for linking up with us at Hip Homeschool Moms! I'm getting ready to study the US with my youngest child next school year, so these ideas came at a great time! :)

  6. Great ideas! Love the talking puzzle! Thanks for sharing at the Family Joy Linkup!!


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