Rainbow Shaded Silhouettes

Following the example on Artea Scuola, we created rainbow shaded silhouette paintings.

This was a two-day art project. One day to paint, and the second day to cut and assemble the pictures.

Day 1
Beginning with acrylic paints, one full sheet of paper was painted from yellow to blue, blending the colors as we painted.

Then a second sheet of paper was painted yellow to red, again working to blend the colors.

 Day 2

A dot was placed at the center of both sheets of paper and they were cut in half.

One-half of each sheet was glued to a sheet of yellow construction paper.

Stencils were used to cut a shape from the other half of the paper.

 Then the cut-outs were glued to the top of the rainbow shaded sheets.

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  1. This look very cool - I might need to try this on our next snow day.


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