Folded Paper Stars

We made several different types of stars by folding paper.

Perfect for Christmas and 4th of July celebrations, these stars are fun to make. Some are very simple and others take some effort to master, but all are rewarding projects for kids of all ages.

Puffy Stars
Puffy stars are constructed from long strips of paper. (1/2 inch x 12 inches) are simple and quick to make.

Bigger Puffy Stars
Bigger puffy stars are folded from rectangular sheets of paper, and the finished stars have a secret pocket.

Star Box

Although this isn't really a star, these cute boxes folded from square sheets of paper are great for keeping buttons, small shiny rocks or other kid collectables.

German Stars
The German Stars were my favorite stars to make. Finished they are about the size of a tennis ball. Through weaving and folding four long strips of paper together the points begin to form. They can be enhanced with glitter and hung on Christmas trees or used to decorate for birthdays and 4th of July.

My son folded eight of them and then stuck them together to create a wreath.

Twenty Point Stars
These stars are constructed from 30 sheets of square paper. They have one very tricky step. Once that step is conquered, the star assembly starts to flow.

When we first made twenty point stars I put the first one together while the kids folded the paper. After completing one star I was able to get my son and daughter started in star assembly. Once they caught on, they made several stars.

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