Medieval Games and Middle Ages Feast

Week 25: We dressed in costume, played medieval games, cooked medieval dishes and had a feast.

Between eggs, oats, ale and cheese middle age peasants were lucky to consume over 3500 calories per day. We can do that easily as one fast food meal can yield upwards of 2700 calories. Foods were simple and whole. Medieval Cookery contains a great list recipes for medieval dishes.

Medieval Games
Backgammon and Chess were commonly played during the middle ages.

In Bocci Ball, competitors first throw the tiny ball which is the target. Then players take turns to see who can throw their two bigger balls the closest. The closest ball throws the target during the next round.

Archery - Target Practice

Medieval Food

Turnips with spices and turnips with cheese.

Rice with cheese.

These two very interesting pies were delicious. The one on the left contained a mixture of apple, cheese and egg. The one on the right was a lot like a mushroom quiche with pumpkin pie spices.

The legend of the pretzel says they were created to represent the folded arm position of praying monks and given to children.

Roman Noodles

Chicken legs - Served cold of course.

Apple Tarts

Archery Contest to Select the King

The festivities ended after this young man shot his arrow right through the apple to be declared the king.

This was the final week of our medieval history co-op. Please sign-up to follow Highhill Education as we continue our history studies with the Renaissance.


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