We created homonym stories.

Homonyms are words which sound alike but have different meanings; sow and sew, blue and blew, beat and beet. They can create confusion for people new to the language and similarly for young children. Once kids are familiar with the dual meaning of words, however, they can make great subjects for stories.

The Honey Cake Mix-Up (Disney's Out & About With Pooh, Vol. 5) - When Pooh tries to help Roo make a honey cake, he's confused about what type of flour (flower) to put into the cake. This story is a fun way to introduce children to homonyms.

After reading the story, we discussed many other homonyms and their meanings. Alan Cooper's Homonym List is long and contains a short definition of each form or the word. ABC Teach Homonyms list is only two pages and great for scanning and homonym ideas.

Then we worked to create our own homonym centered stories.

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