Best Picture Books - Round 5

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers tells the story of the Frenchman who snuck into the Twin Towers with a team of helpers, strung a cable between them and spent an hour walking the tightrope. After reading the picture book retelling this true story we looked up Philippe Petit up on Youtube. There are tons of videos.

Something for Nothing (Aesop Accolades (Awards)) - In searching for a quieter place to live, dog journeys to the country, but soon encounters a group of cats who like to make lots of nighttime noise. Dog, however, is much too smart. He tricks them into being quiet by paying them to make noise.

Opera Cat - Madame SoSo's cat loves opera. He always sings along as she practices. One day he helps her out. Here's a favorite quote from the book. "La, la, la, looo!" she tried. But this is what came out: "L-al-ul-gll." Her voice was cracking like an eggshell!
The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes is a story of how one busy mother rabbit became an Easter Bunny. Did you know there are actually five Easter bunnies? They are all wise and kind. When twenty-one babies were born the mother was very busy, but she taught the children to care for the house and eventually regained her freedom. This story is an inspiration to all busy mothers and especially those with large families.


  1. Thanks for another set of recommendations! You should check out "Pet of the Met" by Don Freeman. It is a cat and mouse tale where the joy of music brings sworn enemies together. The pictures are gorgeous, too.

    1. Dana - Good call! We like Pet of the Met too.


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