Alliteration Poetry

We wrote alliteration poetry.

We have been inspired by Brave Writer. Each week we have a writing tea time where we read a few poems, or short stories, talk about a literary element, and then spend 15-30 minutes writing a poem or short story that incorporates the element. This week our topic was alliteration in poetry.

Alliteration is when one sound at the beginning of words is repeated throughout a story or poem. Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers is a favorite in many families. Three Grey geese in a green field grazing. Grey were the geese and green was the grazing - is another Mother Goose alliteration.

We read the Foxes in The Llama Who Had No Pajama: 100 Favorite Poems by Mary Ann Hoberman.

A litter of little black foxes. And later
A litter of little gray foxes. And later
A litter of little white foxes.
The white ones are lighter than gray. Not a lot.
The gray ones are lighter than black. Just a little.
The litters are lighter in moonlight. They glitter.
They gleam in the moonlight. They glow and they glisten.
Out on the snow see the silver fox sparkle.

It was interesting to see that the letter L was alliterated and not an F for Foxes.

Next we selected an animal and letter or two to try alliterate. Then we brainstormed things our animal may do, the way it looks and feels and tried to concentrate on our letters.

Here's my 7 year old's free write:

Lasulee laping up cat milc rite bie the fire eeting meet and taecing a loin loin nap.

Translated it reads
Lazily lapping up cat milk right by the fire. Eating meat and taking a long, long nap.

Here's my alliteration free write:
The ring-tailed raccoon rummages 'round in the trash
curiously, creeping in cans
Meat wrappers, milk cartons, old melon and mints
stealthily searching for snacks
Yogurt,yams and all types of yuck
satisfy the sensational sharp-clawed sneak

Each tea time is ended by sharing what we wrote.

My kids love tea time. I think it may be because it's the only time we eat during school, but it doesn't matter. They're happy writing and that's what counts.

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