Cityscape One-Point Perspective Drawings

The kids enjoyed our One-Point Perspective art project so much that we continued on with more advanced perspective drawings.

Art Ben Saber has a series of tutorials on how to create perspective drawings. This short video introduced the basic techniques of a one-point perspective drawing using a city street scene as an example.

Like our other perspective project we began by creating a dot near the center of our papers to be the vanishing point.

The three main things to remember when creating a perspective drawing were:
1. All vertical lines stayed vertical
2. All horizontal lines passed through the vanishing point if they were extended
3. All objects got small as they got closer to the vanishing point.

First the drawings were done in pencil. Next they were outlined with black marker, and finally thy were colored with colored pencil.

This project was a significantly bigger challenge than the first One-Point Perspective project. My 12 year old moved along on her own, but my six and ten year olds needed a bit of help getting started.

My six year old daughter's picture. I love the way the sidewalk lines give the image the feel that there is a bowl with the street at the bottom and the buildings at the top. I think she meant for the lines to be horizontal.

Finished picture from my ten year old son. This is by far one of the best pictures he has ever completed.

To see more of our art projects please visit our Arts and Crafts Page.


  1. I LOVED this lesson as a kid - such fun to see what your kids came up with.


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