Farkel - Math Game for Kids

Classic Farkel Game is a fun dice game that is very good for practicing math skills. All that's needed to play are six dice. Players take turns trying to be the first to reach 10,000 points. Since Farkel is an old game there are different ways to keep score. Here are the rules we follow.
Ones - 100 points
Fives - 50 points
Three ones - 300 points
Three twos - 200 points
Three threes - 300 points
Three fours - 400 points
Three fives - 500 points
Three sixes - 600 points
Four of a kind - 1000 points
Three pairs - 1500 points
Five of a kind - 2000 points
Six of a kind - 3000 points
Six dice straight - 1500 points
Two triplets - 2500 points

Players must roll a minimum of 500 points to begin tracking their points. Each time the dice are rolled at least one die worth points must be set aside. The remaining dice may be rolled again to earn a greater amount of points. The process repeats until the dice rolled are not worth any points. If all the dice are worth points the player may score the points and roll all the dice again to earn more points.

After one player reaches 10,000 points the other players have one more turn to try to beat the score. The player with the highest score wins.

We play this game for math as it involves several math skills. Adding the score for each turn is great mental math practice. Since the lowest possible point value earned is 100 points, playing is good for adding bigger numbers and helps kids better understand place value. Each time the child wants to check the score they are comparing numbers, putting them in order and working on greater than, less than skills.

Once children have mastered those skills they are ready to be the score keeper. Keeping score involves adding and carrying numbers.

We have two versions of this game but prefer the Pocket Farkel version shown below. The box is smaller than a deck of cards and fits comfortably into my purse. The case is handy and it contains the point scoring values so I would recommend it. We often play while waiting to see doctors at the hospital.

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  1. This game is standard fare whenever my dad comes to town - though we call it Greed because when we play it you must stop before you roll a hand with no points - the whole family enjoys it :)

    1. Ooooo. That rule sounds like a very interesting twist.

  2. That's a great idea! Blessings!

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