Human Body Unit - Week 15 - The Eye

Week 15: We needle felted eyeballs.

Did you know our eyeballs are roughly the size of golf balls? Most of the eye is a fluid filled chamber. At the front are the cornea, pupil, iris and lens which work together to focus images of what we see onto the retina at the back of the eye.

Our eyes are very similar to cameras and binoculars. Both can be focused to create clear images and adjusted to let in just the right amount of light. By modifying the focal length on the camera lens the aperture changes in corresponding size, just like the pupil changes size in high and low light.

Lenses work by bending light. The shape and thickness of the lens determines how the light is refracted. In our eyes four muscles are attached to the lens. By tightening and relaxing the lens of the eye changes shape which focuses the image onto the retina. To understand the differences between convex and concave lenses and how different shapes refract light we visited My Science Site.

To gain an even better understanding of eye anatomy, lenses and how the eye works we turned to youtube. After watching a few random eye anatomy videos we watched these two Bill Nye the Science Guy videos on how the eye works and how lenses work.

Then the kids began needle felting their own eyeballs. They began by creating a fiber ball.

The balls were partially covered with yellow fiber to represent the retina.

Pink fiber covered the retina to represent the choroid.

 The choroid was covered with white fiber for the sclera.

Then an optic nerve was added to bring the image to the brain and four muscles were added to contract the lens. Finally a lens, pupil, and iris were added to the front.

Look how different they turned out. Some aren't even connected to the brain.

The rest of our Human Body science projects can be found on our Science Page.

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  1. I like the felt eyeballs. What an interesting way to learn. I'm keeping an eye on your human body study since we'll probably borrow many ideas from here!

  2. my kids love Bill Nye wish his DVD weren't so hard to find and so expensive. I used to know of a site that had every one of his videos downloaded but it was shut down:( Love the felt eyes what a great idea. I am hoping to be working on the human body next year and I know I will be looking at many of your activities for inspiration:)

  3. This looks like a fun project for learning about the eyes! I've pinned it :) I found your post on Family Fun Friday. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is such a fun homeschool project! I am pinning to return to later =)

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! I always love seeing what you guys are doing! Have a great weekend,


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