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One of the best pieces of parenting/educational advice I ever received came from a dad who was the husband of a public school teacher. He said "We just keep introducing him (his son) to new activities to see what sticks."

Brilliant! Every kid is different. Some like music, some art, some dance and others building toys. Exposure is a key to opportunity, and exposure can come in so many forms. It can be a book or documentary on a new topic, a new piece of equipment, a public event or the passion of a good friend.

There are so many different reasons parents have for removing a child from public education.
  • Bullying
  • School is not challenging enough
  • Education method doesn't work for child
  • Don't agree with the school's philosophy
........Just to name a few.

For the kids who just don't seem to learn well with traditional methods there are alternatives. To start, parents can find out about different resources or opportunities in the community and introduce them to the child. Once a child finds an interest, they are often self-motivated to read, write and seek more information on the topic. A hobby can end up covering several subjects.

The most challenging and time consuming part of being a homeschooling mom is not lesson planning, but rather, finding the best resources to introduce topics. For example, this year we are studying the middle ages and I am no where near an expert on the subject. I don't think it was even mentioned in my high-school or college history classes. Much of my time is spent locating books and videos that are entertaining and educational for kids studying the middle ages. Once I find the materials, I often read along with the kids and we learn together.

Here is the way I locate new resources:
1. I start searching my Huge Book List for books on the topic.
2. Next I see if the books on my book list are available at the local library, Paperbackswap or Amazon.
3. I search the library for books on the topic and usually start by reading a few children's books to learn the basics. Many books I look at and return quickly when I see they are not my style, too easy or too difficult. The others I read cover to cover if I can find the time.
4. I search youtube for videos on the topic.
5. I scan my pinterest pages if I remember pinning activities from other bloggers on the topic.

Here are some other resources to check out.

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  1. I agree, Julie - finding resources is time-consuming. Luckily it is also lots of fun! You have so many great resources here - thanks for the links. Lucinda

  2. Much of what I do is learn alongside my son, and that's part of the fun of homeschooling. I, too, appreciate the many links and information that you share here. Thank you! :-)

  3. The learning alongside is among my very favorite things about homeschooling. Through this process, I've discovered many of the "holes" in my own education and have filled them in nicely with my child. :)

  4. I think homeschooling is an awesome idea. But public school is working for us right now. However these are still good resources for anyone


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