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For the past several years we have followed the Ambleside Online Composer Study as a large part of our music curriculum. I purchased the songs from the list via iTunes and downloaded them to my iPod. We played the songs while eating meals. The kids learned to recognize a lot of music this way.

The Ambleside Music curriculum focuses on classical music, English language folk tunes and hymns. While I have been very satisfied with the method and content, I would like to expose them to a greater variety of genres.

This year I'm going to loosely follow the Ambleside Composer Study. I have a ton of music in my iTunes account, but don't always have the exact songs on the list. We will listen to the classical music of the composers and exact songs if we have them. When we don't have the music I will substitute other songs by the same composers, Jazz music, bluegrass, and perhaps some Elvis, Michael Jackson or Beatles tunes.

In addition to music appreciation, the kids are learning to play the piano. I have basic knowledge so teach them until they are at level 3 and then send them off to an instructor with more knowledge. My eleven year old is also playing the violin. I told her she could pick another instrument to play when she turned eleven. She chose the harp....... Expensive, big and beautiful.......... I think it would be a wonderful instrument for her to learn, but thought it would be easier to start with something more common. Her back-up was the violin which she loves.

This is a series of link-ups for educators to share ideas and lesson plans for the upcoming school year.

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Now it's your turn. Please share your plans for music.

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  1. My best friend at school played the harp. A violin takes up a bit less space! I'd like to expose my kids to more genres too. So much music to choose from!
    Thanks for hosting the link-up.


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